Best Massage in Amsterdam

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Best Amsterdam Masseuse

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“When I looked in the mirror after getting home I saw a completely different person looking at me – very relaxed and much younger! 🙂 I think this was the best massage I ever had, since you always found exactly the spot and muscle that needed attention. Wonderful!” ~ M. Brueggemann, Health Coach, founder of Your Health Is My Passion

“It is with pleasure that I write a review about Bodywork and Integration Massage. Deshana is my favorite massage therapist. When I receive a  session from her,  it is on 2 levels, my body feels relaxed, at the same time, I can feel the depth of my muscles being worked on. She is careful, intuitive and very thorough with her touch. I always feel reborn after…. I wish I  could  afford it every day!!!” ~ Rachell, Photographer, Owner of Rachell O’Connell Photography, Amsterdam

“Deshana is simply the best therapist we have experienced.  Perhaps it is because she is incredibly thorough.  Her patience, gentle technique allows her to go very deep without causing trauma to the tissues.  Her attitude is cheerful and upbeat and she has always been on time for our appointments.” ~ K. Wikstrom, founder of Trailer Trash Studio, Sante Fe

“Deshana is indeed a perfect masseuse, with the ability to pinpoint areas of attention, apply the necessary pressure and above all make you feel great after her work is done. Thank you Dashana for your skills and focus on my forever breaking body!” ~ Nick D, Cisco Nederland

“De massage van Deshana is rustgevend en ontspannend, krachtig doordat diepe lagen van de spieren worden geraakt en na afloop voelt het werkelijk helend.” ~ S. Kroon, Ex-Senior Partner of KPMG, Netherlands

“Deshana’s maandelijkse massage is een feestje voor mijn rug en schouders. Niet alleen maak ze deze weer soepel ook kan ik met mijn vragen en zorgen over de spanning in armen en schouders bij haar terecht. Op meerdere manieren valt er een last van mijn schouders na Deshana’s behandeling.” ~ Arjan Z, Business Analyst, Cisco Nederland

“Deshana is an amazing therapist. Her years of experience and excellent training and knowledge are part of what makes her such an unusually good practitioner, but she also has such a natural talent, wonderfully calm presence and fantastic sensitivity and intuition which make her one of the best (if not THE best) massage practitioner working in Amsterdam. I can’t recommend her enough.” ~ Lucy Griffth, founder of Thrive At Work, Amsterdam.

“I rarely recommend anyone on any space but just want to give a shout out to Deshana Cindy Boo, who has been helping me through my old injuries, scoliosis and backaches from hunching over the table for too long. I feel like I’m finally getting the help I need. She is not just any massage therapist, she really understands the core of the problem and works with me and my chiropractor on it and truly cares. I’m really grateful for this and I have a mountain to climb but I feel like I’m finally getting the support I need. Thank you so much.” ~ Joanne Lew-Vriethoff, Children’s Book Illustrator.