Massage Treatment

My massage treatments are uniquely designed for each individual to relieve stress and muscular tension, to help with injury recovery, improve body alignment and overall well-being.

Myofascial Release Massage

Myofascial Release Massage is a specialized and effective form of bodywork, utilizing deep tissue massage technique, in combination with Trigger Point Therapy, Breath Work, Facilitated Stretches, Joint Release and most importantly Body Awareness.  Our bodies are the storage facility for chronic pain (see below) and injuries. Myofascial Release Massage addresses these issues by targeting the covering layer of the muscle (fascia), and by using slow, deep long strokes, it brings our muscular fascia back to its natural length and healthy condition, allowing our muscles to function more efficiently.

As our whole muscular structure is supported by fascia, working on one part of the body will have direct effect on distal parts of the body. This deep method often results in both a physical and emotional release, bringing forth profound relaxation, spaciousness, self-healing and overall well-being.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is caused by the relentless contraction of our muscle tissues. When a muscle is in its contracted state, it is unable to relax, unable to receive the oxygen and blood required to heal itself. Simultaneously, it results in the accumulation of toxic waste in the muscle tissues. As this symptom prolongs, the muscle will lose its ability to heal, it will lose its elasticity, strength and mobility, creating pain and imbalance to our muscular structure. Physical pain is often a warning from the body, that something is not right, that it needs attention and loving care.