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About Deshana

My name is Deshana.  Over the past 10 years, I have devoted myself to making people feel their best through proper massage therapy.

Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I received my qualification in Remedial Massage from The Australasian College of Natural Therapies, Sydney, Australia in 2002. Since then, I have deepened my passion for bodywork and my practice by participating in numerous workshops and retreats while living in India, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and America. In 2008, I finalized my training by completing a 4-part intensive program in Structural Balancing at The Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands.

I currently live in Amsterdam where I practice my own style of a relaxing and releasing massage.  Listening to the body’s needs, and using a highly intuitive approach are integral functions in my practice.

My Eastern Approach

In eastern cultures, like my native Singapore, massage is a way of life…a way to maintain the body on a regular basis and to prevent the onset of illnesses and diseases rather than a treatment one seeks only when a problem arises.

These days, as chronic muscular pain becomes an increasingly common condition from too much sitting and computer work, many people feel they must accept their discomfort as a normal part of aging or the inevitable reality of contemporary life.

At Bodywork Integration & Awareness, I bring the Asian approach of preventative massage to my clients. Regular massages stimulate the circulatory system, boost immunity and promote a supple, flexible muscular system. As a result, injuries, chronic pain and aches are minimized or avoided completely.